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Bespoke hybrid servicing is available Paramount Garage Bluewater Ltd

Servicing hybrid vehicles is very different than servicing a vehicle with a petrol or diesel engine – and that’s due to the high voltage of electricity that runs through a vehicle with a hybrid engine. One stray wire could result in electricity running throughout your vehicle chassis. At our garage, our team of highly qualified mechanics are trained to service hybrid vehicles and have years of experience in doing so. Some of the work they can do includes hybrid engines, power inverter systems, high voltage systems electric motors, energy/fuel management hardware systems, battery regeneration braking systems (e.g. KERS), electric control propulsion sensing systems and many more. We’re an independent garage that is always investing in new technologies and practices that allow us to provide our customers with a wide range of services.

Why is it important to get your hybrid vehicle serviced?

Just like traditional cars, hybrid vehicles require specific upkeep due to the battery being one of the biggest components. Hybrid vehicles don’t require too much maintenance as they’re fairly self-sufficient but over time the battery memory will reduce. Similarly to a phone or laptop, the way the battery works changes after an extended period of time and requires attention. The battery loses the ability to hold charge the older it gets and this results in short battery life. And this is why it’s important to ensure that all electrical systems in the hybrid vehicle are working properly.

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Getting a hybrid service allows us to see if there are any electrical drains. If there are, the quicker they’re spotted, the quicker they can be fixed to prevent long-term damage. When compared to traditional motors, hybrid vehicles come off looking fairly appealing. Diesel and petrol engine cars have more parts that suffer from wear and tear which means they’ll need replacing over prolonged use. However, at Paramount Garage Bluewater Ltd, our main focus is to ensure that the vehicle is safe – if there are any problems they can be diagnosed quicker too.

Great location and state of the art facilities

At Paramount Garage Bluewater Ltd, we’re located in central Greenhithe and a short drive away from Bluewater Shopping Centre. We are proud to be one of the only garages in Kent that can service hybrid vehicles to the highest standards. We’re always investing in the latest technologies and our diagnostic tools allow us to spot any problems with your hybrid vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Highly skilled mechanics who aim to provide excellent servicing

Our garage prides itself on being able to provide bespoke servicing at independent garage prices. Our mechanics are trained to the highest standards and are up to date with developing hybrid technologies. When you come to Paramount Garage Bluewater Ltd you know you’ll receive a high-quality service. So, why not book your hybrid vehicle in for a service today?

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